Banner Photo by Shannon Atkinson - Sheena - Queen of the Jungle - 2012 - Kristen Walker as Sheena

Here's how you can help!

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While we work hard to make everything look simple at the Hip Pocket Theatre, the truth is it costs a lot of money to run. Our working budget for the 40th season is $300,000.


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The funding requests listed below are special projects. All monies donated to these items will be placed in a separate account and not used for normal general operating or performance funding. These funds will be used for their intended purposes. Some items may be purchased before full funding of the particular project. For example, as enough funds are collected to purchase a light fixture, the purchase will be made and the fixture added to our lighting design.
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If you would like to donate to the LED Lighting Fund, click on the button below. Thank you for your support!
Goal: $32,580

The federal government has decided to end the production of incandescent light bulbs this year and all of our current stage lighting uses incandescent bulbs. We need to purchase a supply of bulbs to hold us over as we make the long needed transition to LED lighting. The LED light fixtures will need to be outdoor rated and cost about $1810 each (which includes the fixture, mounting clamp and four leaf barn door). We will need 18 of them for a total cost of approximately $32,580.
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If you would like to donate to the Dimmer PacK Fund, click on the button below. Thank you for your support!
Goal: $700

In addition, because of the older light fixtures we use, they are connected to a dimmer pack that is controlled from our new light board. We've had our dimmer packs for many years and have had many fail or develop problems so that we are down to our final packs with no emergency spares. We need to purchase a couple of additional dimmer packs for this season. These dimmer packs will cost us approximately
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If you would like to help us repair our roads and parking lots. Please click on the button below.
Goal: $35,000

If you've ever been out to the Hip Pocket Theatre, you know we are an outdoor theater which means we have special needs not experienced by most other theaters. In particular, our entrance roads and parking lots are beginning to show wear and tear and need to be resurfaced by the addition of new road base (flex base). We've estimated that to properly repair all of the roads and parking lots it would cost