Banner Photo by Loli Kantor - 2006 - The Diaries of Adam & Eve cast
The Hip Pocket Theatre receives support from individuals through private donations and many other organizations and foundations. We'd like to thank everyone who helps to fund our performance season and community outreach programs.
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TUW Rhodes Charitable Trust
Amon G. Carter Foundation
Sid W. Richardson Foundation
Ronald E. Moore Foundation
Communities Foundation of Texas (Donor Bridge)
Renaissance Charitable Foundation
AmazonSmile Foundation
Network for Good

Individuals & Companies

Kavin Allenson
All-Tex Supply, Inc.
Ralph Archenhold
Jack Armstrong
Frieda Austin
Auto Tech Services, Inc.
Craig Backus
Tamela Bangs
Matt Barnes
Dr. Robert & Michele Bourdage
Elizabeth Bowie
Art & Lynda Brender
Roland Carson
Don Carter
Barry Cleveland
David Coffee
Julie Crawford
Ellen Mahoney Crouse
Gary Cunningham
Gale Cupp
Debbie Dacus
Allen Dean
Patricia Decoster
(In Memory of Rimy Decoster and In Honor of River Barley’s First Performance)
Fred Disney
Ted Dossey
Holly Ellman
Rima Fand
Dr. Scott Ferree & Loli Kantor
Jonathan Fielding
Brian Fitzmorris
Deborah Freed
C. Lee Gibson
JoAnn Gracey
Harry Hafele
Linda Hansen
Harrington Environmental Services
Rebo Hill
Reena Hill
Heather Hurd
Maggie Irwin
Thad Isbell
Jeremy Jackson
Thelma Jackson
Benton Jennings
Jinger Jones
Laura Jones
Clayton Landey
Linda Lee
Mandie Mackie
Maggie Mazzei
Laurie & Quentin McGown
Christine & Jason McMahon
Ronald E. Moore Foundation
Lauren Moreau
Cathy Morris
Diane Morris
Anne Neighbors
Northwest Tarrant Chamber of Commerce
Joni Norton
Jon O’Harra
Dewey Oringderff
Amanda Parkhurst
Bruce Payne
Gary Payne
James Peacock
Christopher Pelham
Drew Pendleton
Scott Phillips
Steve Ramey
Amy Rollins
Carole Sellers
Shae Shaw
Maggie Sherrod
Laurie Simmons
Johnny & Diane Simons
Lake Simons
Lorca Simons
David Smith
Jeff Stanfield
Carol Stanford
Linda Sullivan
Texas Instruments
The Tom Hudson Co.
D. Lee Thomas
Tolli Thomas
Kristi Ramos Toler
Elyse Tomlinson
Gracey Tune
Libby Villari
Carlela Vogel
Elise Walker
Rob Walker (
DFW Flooring Warehouse)
Thomas Walker
White Settlement Chamber of Commerce
Linda Whittington
Deborah Wood
Harris and Julie Worcester
David Yeakle
Holly Vincent
Marquette Vyce