Pinocchio Commedia

Performed June 6, 2014 - June 29, 2014 (Friday - Sunday @ 9 PM)

In the history of the Hip Pocket Theatre, this play holds a very special place. This play was the first ever written by Johnny Simons over 50 years ago. It was originally produced by the Hip Pocket Theatre with the following cast under the direction of Johnny Simons.

Original Cast


Johnny Simons
Gene Woods
Michael Joe Goggans
Carol Weideman
Dwight Welsh
Art Davis
Lissa Rogers
David Yeakle

Comments made about the original play!

"What boisterous revels are these!" the Dallas Times-Herald exclaimed about the Hip Pocket Theatre on the outskirts of nearby Fort Worth.

The reporter, John Bloom, goes on to praise the "energetic lunacy" and "the kind of inspired comedy that would make harlequin bend his head and weep with envy."

Commedia dell'arte versions of popular plays are the hallmark of Hip Pocket Theatre and its founder, Johnny Simons. Hip Pocket's offerings have included commedia-style renditions of such diverse works as A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum and Sam Shepard's Mad Dog Blues.

In true commedia fashion this wild and uninhibited play begins with a troupe of strolling players exploding into the theatre with their noisy props and crude scenery. They mount the stage and prepare to present a play. The commedia flavor gives the story of Pinocchio additional vigor and excitement without losing the charm and significant message of Carlo Collodi's famous story.

Current Cast

ARLECCHINO (who plays a Cricket)

Sara Blair

PANTALONE (who plays Geppetto)

Michael Joe Goggans

RAZULLO (who plays a Fox)

James Warila

BELTRAMO (who plays a Cat)

Jozy Camp

PULCHINELLA (who plays the Wicked Puppet Master)

Rupert Crabb

PEDROLINA (who plays a Donkey and a Fool)

Jeff Stanfield

COLUMBINA (who plays a Spirit)

Katie Keller

PINOCCHIO (who plays a Wooden Head)

Christina Cranshaw


Shae Lynn Goldston
Maria Gross
Brooke Honcharik
Taylor Otey
Skyy Pamilton
Kelsey Summers
Jesse Thomason
Caroline Watson

Production Staff


Johnny Simons

Stage Manager

JoAnn Gracey

Assistant Stage Manager

Mallory Harwell

Lighting Designer

Nikki DeShea Smith

Costume Designer

Diane Simons

Lightboard Op

Ryan Riley

Soundboard Op

Emily Taylor

Assistant Soundboard Op

Kaamilya William-Hinton


Shannon Atkinson

Videographer/DVD Production

Robert Bourdage

Commedia Masks

Lake Simons


Shae Lynn Goldston
Christina Cranshaw
Mallory Harwell
Kaamilya William-Hinton
Austin Barber

Theatre Staff

Artistic Director

Johnny Simons


Diane Simons

Technical Director

Robert Bourdage

Wardrobe Supervisor

Marie Harbour

Concessions Manager

Mallory Bownds

Box Office Manager

Michele Bourdage

Office Manager

Emily Taylor

Grants and Outreach Coordinator

Peggy Bott Kirby

Backyard Music Coordinator

Melinda Allen

Social Media Coordinator

Frieda Austin

Artistic Associates

Lorca Simons
Lake Simons

Backyard Musicians

Friday, June 6

Michael Kelly

Satuday, June 7

Breaking Light

Friday, June 13

James Hinkle, Marty Christian and Darrin Kobetich

Saturday, June 14

Alis and Paul

Friday, June 20

Melinda Allen

Saturday, June 21

Chris Curtis and Gigi Cervantes

Friday, June 27

John Dyer

Saturday, June 28

Salt Rock Rounders

Sunday, June 29

Darrin Kobetich