Loop The Loop


Devised by Simons / Dyer
Direction & Design by Lake Simons
Music & Lyrics / Text by John Dyer


August 3, 2018 - August 26, 2018
(Friday - Sunday @ 9 PM)


The heyday and decay of a carnival and a mind. An island aglow (& gravity defied!). The marbles taken by the tide.

Notes from the director

I first started to notice changes in my mom about 10 years ago, maybe even before that. Conversations weren’t as full and dynamic. I found myself digging for responses. The many things that make up my mom were missing some key pieces. I tend to go way back to drives with her in the car when I was a junior and senior in high school. We would have full on debates about the environment and politics and art!- We of course agreed about everything, but there were always those moments my mom would catch me in a moment of passion as I sailed through the limited knowledge I had with the subject at hand. She would swoop in and save the day with some amazing tidbit from an experience from her full life. That was 28 years ago.

I look at her now and see her beautiful face, her lips unable to make many words. She looks right at me and I see HER. She looks at her grandchild flitting around her room and laughs. If only she would remember this.

This play is for her. And for my dad. And for all of us who miss someone.
It is an honor to be here on this stage, at this theatre portraying her. To try to be in her shoes. I love her shoes and I love her mind no matter what is in it.

We have set our play in Coney Island. A place that has gone through transformations throughout the years. A place of joy and abandon and a place that is not what it used to be. Seems fitting.

Inspired by Coney Island & Hip Pocket Theatre.
For Diane Simons. And in remembrance of (cowboy) Mike Goggans.

historical note: Coney Island (Brooklyn, New York) was once full of rabbits. One of the rides at Coney Island was a roller coaster called Loop the Loop.

Millions by millions they gather to ride
Screaming & laughing they stop on a dime
Time takes away the ride
Oooooooh - Loop the Loop
Oooooooh - Loop the Loop!

From June to September
A narrow sand bar
Windy desolation
Five miles long
Oooooooh - Loop the Loop
Oooooooh - Loop the Loop!



Magician - Lake Simons
Cowboy - Jeff Stanfield


Frieda Austin
Jozy Camp
Allen Dean
Jeremy Jackson
Paul Logsdon
Maleka Mahdi
Stephen McCormick
Elysia Worcester

Music & Text Performed by
John Dyer
Additional Musicians
Elysia Worcester
Allen Dean

Projection Designer- Grant Gregory
Lines of Color by Cy Dixon Oak
Magic Consulting by Paul Logsdon


Production Staff


Stage Manager
Lighting Designer
Projection Designer
Wardrobe Supervisors
Light Board Op
Publicity Photography

Lake Simons
JoAnn Gracey
Nikki DeShea Smith
Grant Gregory
Lauren Moreau, Amanda Wright
Ryan Riley
Myrrh Crossfield
John Carlisle Moore
Robert Bourdage
Myrrh Crossfield

Theatre Staff


Artistic Director
Executive Director
Technical Director
Concessions Manager
Concessions Assistant
Office Manager
Grants and Outreach Coordinator
Backyard Music Coordinator
Artistic Associates

Johnny Simons
Linda Whittington
Robert Bourdage
Michele Bourdage
Mallory Bownds
Rebo Hill
Peggy Bott Kirby
Chris Curtis
Lorca Simons
Lake Simons

Special Thanks To

Johnny & Diane Simons, Paul & Barbara Grunde, Nina Bonifacio, JoAnn Gracey, Bob Gracey, Christina Cranshaw, Allen Dean, TCC North West, Rebecca Redfox, Jeff Stanfield, Jubilee Theatre, Grant Gregory, UTA’s Maverick Theatre Company, Barbara & Bob Meece, Lorca Simons, River Barley, Scott Ferree Robert Bourdage, & John Carlisle Moore.

A very special thanks to the cast, crew, staff and designers for giving so much of themselves to this production. We are grateful.

Cy’s babysitter angels- Amanda Merrill, Gale Nelson, Laura Lutz Jones, Clara Jewel Moore, Lorca Simons, River Barley, & Nina Bonifacio…xo

  •  Jeff Stanfield as Cowboy

    Jeff Stanfield as Cowboy

  •  Lake Simons as Magician

    Lake Simons as Magician

  •  Jeff Stanfield and Lake Simons

    Jeff Stanfield and Lake Simons

  •  Ensemble Member Elisia Worcester

    Ensemble Member Elisia Worcester

  •  Ensemble Member Maleka Mahdi

    Ensemble Member Maleka Mahdi

  •  Esemble Member Jozy Camp

    Esemble Member Jozy Camp

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Backyard Musicians
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Shameless Boohoos

August 4
Joshua Busy

August 5
Tennessee Dixon

August 10
Melinda Wood Allen

August 11
John & Glenda Walker

August 12
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August 17
Kavin Allenson

August 18
Darrin Kobetich

August 19
Bruce Payne

August 24
Dan Roark

August 25
Daryel Sellers

August 26
David Hunter
This play is dedicated to Diane Simons
A Remembrance of Michael will be held at the close of the performance season on Saturday, November 3 from 6 PM to Midnight at the Hip Pocket Theatre. We’ll remember Michael and plant a tree so he is always with us.