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Presented by the Hip Pocket Theatre

August 14, 2015 - September 6, 2015
Friday - Sunday

Gates open at 7 PM
Curtain at 9 PM

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Adapted and Designed for the Stage by James Maynard
From the Screenplay by Helen Deutsch
Directed by John Murphy
Puppets by James Maynard


A World Premiere Production based on the classic MGM Film.

A young girl discovers life and love in a traveling carnival with the aid of a dashing magician and four very special puppets. A colorful musical delight for the whole family!

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Here is a “Sneak Peak” at James Maynards’s costume designs for LILI, opening August 14th at the Hip Pocket Theatre.
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Lili with the Acrobats.
Left to Right:
Kim Smires (as Acrobat)
Christina Cranshaw (as Lili)
Brian Cook (as Acrobat)
Lili and the Magic Act.
Left to Right:
Frieda Austin (as Rosalie)
Christina Cranshaw (as Lili)
James Warila (as Marcus the Magnificent - a magician)
Lili and the Puppet Show
Left to Right:
Christina Cranshaw (as Lili)
Carrot Top (as himself)
Jeff Stanfield (as Paul Bertholet - a Puppeteer)
Lili and the Dog Act

Christina Cranshaw (as Lili) with
Pierre (as himself)

Photos by Robert Bourdage

Gillette Daurier, known as Lili
Paul Berthalet, a Puppeteer
Jacques, His Assistant
Mar, “Marcus the Magnificent”, a Magician
Rosalie, His Assistant
Monsieur Jarnac, a Notions Merchant
Monsieur Corvier, the Carnival Owner
Monsieur Tonit, of the Hotel de Paris
Monsieur Erique, of the Hoeel de Paris
Accordion Player
Produce Merchant
Wine Merchant
Bread Merchant
Carnival Girls
A Very Talented Waitress
Carnival Patrons
Peach lips, A Very Lovely Young Woman

Christina Cranshaw
Jeff Stanfield
Rupert Crabb
James Warila
Frieda Austin
Gary Payne
Thad Isbell
Thad Isbell
Gary Payne
Jim Case
Peggy Bott Kirby
Allen Dean
Nick Gilley
Rebo Hill, Elysia Worcester
Kim Smires, Lauren Moreau
Sara Blair, Brian Cook
Delace McMahan
Dena B Phillips, Gary Payne, Allen Dean, Peggy Bott Kirby
Allen Dean, Nick Gilley
Delace McMahon
Production Staff

Dance Direction
Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Managers
Costume Designers
Lighting Designer
Puppet Designer
Light Board Operator
Sound Board Operator
Photographer/Videographer/DVD Production

John Murphy
Frieda Austiin
Kristi Toler
Nick Gilley, Kathryn Garza
Kimberly Smires, James Maynard
Nikki DeShea Smith
James Maynard
Ryan Riley
Erich de la Torre
Elise Walker
Robert Bourdage
Katherine Arthurs, Lauren Moreau