Eagle Audio to help out

I spoke with Jerry Hudson and Jeff Ward last week at Eagle Audio Recording. We use them whenever Johnny needs to do a pre-recorded piece for a play. They have actually been associated with the theatre for many years and used to do a lot of recording for Douglas Balentine back in the day. Anyway, I digress, they saw the article in the FW Weekly about Bruce Balentine's Kickstarter project and contacted Johnny Simons to say they wanted to help. Who knew they also did video transfer work? I didn't. Turns out they have a whole studio set aside for just that purpose and they have all of the equipment too. They've offered to do the transfers or allow me to use their equipment and do it myself. So...off I go this week with a couple of tapes I can't do with my equipment to see how it works. Big thumbs up for Eagle Audio Recording (817) 877-4338. 911 South Main St., Fort Worth, TX 76104.