Found more VHS tapes from 1995-1998

I found a bunch of tapes from the 1995 - 1998 period. They are all VHS tapes so I'll be able to transfer them to DVD pretty quickly. One of the great things about these tapes is that in the cases are the complete cast and production staff listings. This is great to have for the database. There's also two tapes of Old Mother Westwind that are labelled as being from 1998 as a Trinity Valley Drama directed by Lake Simons and Harold Lehmann. This play was adapted by Johnny Simons and Douglas Balentine back in 1978 and premiered in the 2nd performance season. While these tapes are not of that production, it's great to have something that came from the Hip Pocket Theatre and involves members of our troupe. I've been able to enter all of the production information from these tapes into the Preservation database. I also photographed and catalogued another 20 tapes.