Lots of work on tapes today

Went over to the storage unit this morning and rummaged around and brought home two large containers of tapes. I was looking for a copy of "Bad Girls in the Big City" from 2003 but didn't find a tape in the collection. I did find a lot of other tapes though and have been busily cataloguing them into the Preservation Database, photographing them and digitizing. I found a copy of "Someone In The Kitchen with Meema" done at Bloomingdales and have it on DVD. I also transferred "A Saga of Billy The Kid" to DVD. Some of the other tapes that are being transferred this weekend include:

When Worlds Collide
Cowboy Mouth
Our Town
Underneath The Top Down

Not everything's a show...

Continuing to recover videos and finding lots of interesting materials that aren't performances but pieces of them, commercials or rehearsal materials. We have many rehearsal tapes and others that are compilation tapes with short segments from each of the shows for a particular season. These will all be transferred but won't show up in the progress pages because they aren't actual performance tapes. Some of the performance tapes also have little jewels attached to them including pre-show tours of the Oak Acres stage, performances from much younger musicians who still perform with us today. It's always great to catch Harris Kirby doing a pre-show performance on his Ukelele.