More Playbills and Posters from the past posted

Busily working on putting up pages showing playbills from early shows and posters that James Maynard sent. Will probably be working on this for a couple of days to get caught up. Go to the "Our Story" page and scroll down the list of plays. Down at the bottom, starting with 1976 and going up through 1980 (at this moment), I've put in links to Playbills or Posters after the name of the play. This is fun stuff, we get to see who was in the plays and what they did. There's even information on dates a play was performed and what play is coming up next. A goldmine of information for the Preservation Database records. Also, I've added one new play at the beginning of the listing. It's Johnny's Masters Thesis presentation of The Lake Worth Monster performed at the Fort Worth Art Museum in their Solarium on April 24 - 28, 1975. James Maynard sent me the playbill for it so I have ll of the details posted. Check it out.

New Contributions received from James Maynard

Thanks to James Maynard for sending me scanned images of a number of playbills from years ago. I've just posted the first one from the very first show. Go to the Preservation section's Our Story page and scroll all the way down to the bottom where you'll find The Three Cuckolds performed in 1976 at George's Backdoor on Highway 80. There you'll find a new link (Playbill) that will take you to a new page showing you the image of that playbill. Click on the image of the playbill to see a larger version of it.

I'll begin posting these as they come in. I only had time this morning to get this one up but there are a number of others that will go up soon.