Website evolving...

This website is very dynamic and is being updated on a daily basis. I've just added a new contact form for past production staff to obtain their current contact information (see form). As we go through this large collection of past production videos, we also search for any production information that might be available in our records. Sometimes the videos come with that information but mostly they don't. We know we'll be missing information but the people involved with the production, either as an actor or a member of the production staff, will have that information. We'd like to hear from people who were cast and production members of these productions, get their current contact information and talk to them about their experiences with the Hip Pocket Theatre. So check out the Preservation Project and watch as the list goes green showing we've found a tape. Look at the list and see which shows you were a part of and let us know so we can add your knowledge to our historical database. Thank you all for your support.

Three more shows from 1985-1986 on DVD

Transferred to DVD the following shows:

The Meemaw Sextet - 1986 (Asset 65)
Freaks - 1986 (Asset 66)
A Date With Judy - 1985 (Asset 67)

Big announcement coming on February 23rd

You are going to want to be at our 38th Season fundraiser on Sunday, February 23rd from 3 PM to 6 PM. We are going to be announcing the coming season and it will include a big announcement concerning these efforts to preserve our past. See the home page for more information about the event.

More old tapes digitized

Found a copy of Sex Kittens Go To College filmed on September 18, 1982 (Asset 59) and got it onto DVD.

Also found a copy of the Black and White Silent Film version of Riders of the Purple Sage starring Tom Mix from 1925. I'm assuming it may have been source material used during the research and adaptation of the stage production. I will have to confirm that with Johnny. (Asset 60)

Also transferred a Final Dress Rehearsal of Van Gogh/Gaugin from September 2, 1987 (Asset 61)

And...right this moment...I am transferring to DVD a copy of the stage production of Riders of the Purple Sage (asset 62) that has Lee Thomas and his friends performing the background music. The label on the tape is marked with an 86 which I assume is the year of this particular production. This one was filmed at the White Elephant Saloon but appears to be a different production from others I've seen because the placement of Lee Thomas and his musicians is different. So...even though our records say this was done in 1985 at the White Elephant Saloon, and we have other tapes marked that way, was it redone in 1986 and not in our listings???? Hmmm! Mysteries abound.

On Beast Beach - 1986 transferred

Found a VHS copy of On Beast Beach from 1986 performed at Oak Acres and transferred it to DVD this morning.

More tapes delivered for digitizing...

I took ten more 3/4-inch U-Matic tapes and some SuperVHS tapes to Peggy to be given to Allen at Visions Videography for digitizing. I also picked up a few tapes to bring back that Allen can't digitize (Betamax) or aren't part of the Kickstarter project that Peggy and Bruce are working on. I'll take some of those tapes over to Eagle Audio to see if I can transfer them on their equipment.

I also delivered a 3-ring binder to the Hip Pocket Theatre office for the interns to put copies of playbills, season brochures, various kinds of passes, etc. into. I need copies that we can scan into the digital record and the playbills will give us the production information that we need for the historical database.

Five more tapes transferred to DVD

Today I am transferring to DVD the following shows:
Treasure Island - 1995 - (Asset 34)
Eggheads - 1996 - (Asset 29)
A Bowl of Red - 1995 - (Asset 37)
Riders of the Purple Sage - 1996 - (Asset 41)
Old Coots Read Genesis 1-8 (King James Version) - 1997 - (Asset 27)