Image Database

I’ve created an Image Database using Filemaker Pro. This database is being used to keep details on each image in the theatre’s collection. By simply dragging an image file to the database window, the image, name of the image file, it’s size, the dimensions in pixels and its scanned depth, i.e. 5000 dpi are recorded automatically. The creation and modification dates are also input automatically. In the database, there is a drop-down menu to select the photographer’s name, editor’s name and indicate where the original is being stored. We can also add the name of the production, it’s month and year of presentation and then detailed notes on the image, such as who is in it. All of the images scanned so far are in this database but not all of the other information has been entered yet.

Update on Hip Pocket Slide Collection

The Hip Pocket Theatre has a massive slide collection being stored in our temperature controlled storage unit. I’ve removed 6 storage boxes and brought them to my office for numbering and scanning. To date, I’ve completed the scanning of slides from just 2 of those 6 storage boxes for a total of 1801 slides in Box 1 and 683 slides in Box 2.

Digital editing help...

Several individuals have agreed to assist in the color correcting and restoration of a number of images in the theatre’s slide collection. This includes Ellen Crouse, Barry and Annie Cleveland and Brett Forrester. They’ve been given access to the slide collection on Dropbox and have a drop folder they can return their corrected images to when done. Their contributions will be posted along-side the originals soon.

Update on Joe Reese Slided

The entire Joe Reese collection of slides has been scanned in and all but 32 images have been posted on the website. The final 32 images are scanned and have been digitally restored to remove scratches that happened during the original processing of the slides. Thanks to the power of Photoshop, it’s almost impossible to tell the slides were ever damaged. These will be posted soon.