Banner Photo by Loli Kantor - July 2007 - Trio Molemo!
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Our own theatre fairy - Shae Lynn Goldston in Sundance Square with Brent Christopher President and Chief Executive Officer of Communities Foundation of Texas..
Thank you Shae for all you do.
Thank you to everyone who donated during the North Texas Day of Giving. You helped us raise: $3873.35

38th Season open
Don't miss a show!
Gates open 6:30 PM
Showtime 8:15 PM

Show Schedule

Ticket Prices
$20    Adults
$15    Seniors (55+)
$15    Teachers
$15    Military
  $5    Students
  $5    Children

Buy a Hip Pass and save 50%
A Hip Pass gives you 10 admissions that you can use throughout the season. Ten adult admissions would normally be $200.

$100  Adult Hip Pass

Seniors, Teachers and Military, you can buy your Hip Pass at the box office for just $75.
For information, call:


1950 Silver Creek Rd.
Fort Worth, TX 76108

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 136758
Fort Worth, TX 76136


Hip Film Fest with Memaw and her Spam Surprise

Friday, Oct. 24:
"Adventures with June and Scotty"
by Johnny Simons
The true story of an impressionable young boy and his eccentric family on the shores of Lake Worth during two enchanting summer days in the 1940's. This play is not for young children.

Saturday, Oct. 25:
"Old Tarzan"
by Johnny Simons and Douglas Balentine.
Old Tarzan's jungle is being suffocated by the steady encroachment of so-called civilization. Surrounded by such establishments as "Menudo Nugget Huts" and "Oodles o' Noodles" shops, he and Old Jane, assisted by Old Boy and their furry old friends, battle the siege of ugly modernity to save their natural habitat in this comedic musical romp.

Sunday, Oct. 26:
"Riders of the Purple Sage"
adapted from Zane Grey's novel by Johnny Simons.
Thrill to those wondrous days of yesteryear as Lassiter, King of the Silent Screen Cowboys, saves the day, riding into the sunset of our hearts after lassoing the Bad Guys and rescuing frontier maidens from fates worse than whatever you might imagine, with foot stompin' music by Salt Lick.

After each show:
"A Texas Hero - Wildman of Navidad"
A documentary by Linda Broiles featuring Johnny Simons and Douglas Balentine at work creating their musical play.

Don't miss out on these videos of 3 great shows from 1985-1986. Preserved as part of the Hip Pocket Theatre Preservation Project.

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New to the Hip Pocket Theatre? Here's a video we prepared for the Texas Commission on the Arts to help explain what we do...enjoy!

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North Texas Giving Day is September 18, 2014

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